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Strengthening the impact of the Assembly's monitoring procedure

In a resolution adopted today on the basis of a report by Andres Herkel (Estonia, EPP/CD), the Assembly addressed specific recommendations to the countries still subject to a monitoring procedure and to those engaged in a post-monitoring dialogue, urging them to "fulfil the remaining obligations and commitments entered into upon accession to the Council of Europe", while welcoming the progress observed in a number of those countries.

Regarding compliance with statutory obligations by the remaining 33 Council of Europe member States which are not under any specific monitoring, the Assembly expressed concern that "a number of these countries have not signed and/or ratified some major Council of Europe conventions" and referred to "worrying developments in some of these countries", including the segregation suffered by Roma; the inadequate rights of migrants, refugees and minorities; structural problems leading to delays in executing judgments of the European Court of Human Rights; and unsatisfactory compliance with anti-corruption recommendations. Consequently, it urged these countries "to fully comply with recommendations made by the respective monitoring mechanisms of the Council of Europe".

PACE will pursue its reflection on ways to enhance the efficiency and impact of its monitoring procedures with regard to all Council of Europe member States.