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Iceland’s commitment to Council of Europe values

Ending an official visit to Iceland, PACE President Jean-Claude Mignon has praised the country’s commitment to Council of Europe values and standards.

“The co-operation with the Venice Commission on the drafting of the new constitution is a very good example of how to use the Council of Europe’s expertise. Other mechanisms set up by the Organisation are also available to you to prepare properly for the ratification of the Council of Europe’s recent conventions”, said the President. “I note how much store you set by the issue of combating violence against women and I hope that your authorities will shortly be ratifying the Istanbul Convention, once the legislation has been brought into line with the requirements of the Convention.”

The President also said that he was “impressed by the systems set up to combat sexual abuse of children as well as the related victim support measures”. The Children’s House and the awareness-raising campaigns run throughout the country “are good practices, which it would be a good idea to share with all our member states”.

The President also highlighted the need to develop synergies with regional co-operation systems and institutions such as the Nordic Council, the West Nordic Council and the Arctic Council. “This is a very important means of reflecting the Council of Europe’s work and taking advantage of the regional potential to implement our standards, while catering as fully as possible for the member states’ interests and concerns”, he concluded.