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In favour of reinforced co-operation among all levels of governance

PACE President Jean-Claude Mignon today expressed his satisfaction at the co-signature of a joint declaration with Congress President Herwig van Staa on the occasion of the plenary session of the Congress. The declaration stresses the need to reinforce co-operation among all levels of governance. “For a proper response to the challenges raised by the financial and economic crisis, we need co-ordinated joint actions at the national, regional and local levels,” he said.

"The members of PACE and the Congress derive their legitimacy from the people and play a key role in the Organisation; everyone at his or her level and according to his or her abilities must work to advance democracy. Synergies are essential for the Council of Europe to be more present and more effective on the ground; all organs of the Council must speak with one voice to defend our values and ensure compliance with our standards," stressed President Mignon.