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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Europe can make a contribution

Strasbourg, 13.11.2013 - Despite the progress made since the United Nations set its Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the year 2000 – with achievements in areas such as access to drinking water, a decrease in mortality rates and an improvement in the living conditions of over 200 million people – many problems remain to be solved, as Sir Alan Meale (United Kingdom, SOC) points out in his report, adopted by the Committee on Social Affairs today in Geneva.

The report draws attention in particular to inequalities between men and women, the lack of prospects for young people, continuing violence against women and children and insufficient rights for women in matters of sexual and reproductive health.

The Committee considers that, so as to make further progress in the implementation of the MDGs by 2015 (the final timeline set by the United Nations) and beyond, Europe can contribute added value by striving to reduce inequalities and setting good practice examples as regards good governance and the fight against corruption. The Parliamentary Assembly itself should join forces with other parliamentary bodies and organisations which are involved in the post-2015 MDG process.