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Jean-Claude Mignon: ‘parliamentary democracy must be based on pluralism’

Jean-Claude Mignon: “A true parliamentary democracy must be based on pluralism and respect for all political forces”

“A true parliamentary democracy must be backed up by a democratic political culture, one based on pluralism, on respect for the rights of all political forces," said PACE President Jean-Claude Mignon, speaking in Moscow today on the occasion of the Second International Parliamentary Forum on “Constitution, Democracy, Parliamentarianism”; he also said that a clear and precise constitutional framework was necessary to the proper operation of the parliamentary system.

Turning to the question of the erosion of citizens’ trust in institutional authorities, Mr Mignon also emphasised the need to improve the transparency of political party and election campaign funding, the importance of involving citizens in the conduct of public affairs and the need to develop better communication channels with them, using such means as the Internet, social networks and parliament channels on television.

“Interparliamentary co-operation is a powerful tool for dialogue, of which we should make full use, in order to find appropriate responses to the challenges facing democracy and the parliamentary system in the 21st century”, Mr Mignon concluded.