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Three nominees for the Council of Europe Museum Prize 2014

Strasbourg, 21.11.2013 - The jury of the European Museum Forum (EMF) has selected a short list of three candidates for the 2014 Council of Europe Museum Prize, in the presence of Vesna Marjanovic (Serbia, SOC), Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) rapporteur on the prize. PACE’s Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media will elect the winner of the Prize at its meeting on 3 December 2013, in Paris.

The three shortlisted museums are (in alphabetical order):

- Baksi Museum (Bayburt, Turkey)
- Bildmuseet (Umeå, Sweden)
- Zanis Lipke Memorial (Riga, Latvia)

According to the jury, the Baksi Museum in Turkey is “an example of the personal courage of its founder, Hüsamettin Koçan, and 160 contemporary artists around him, who have sincere aspirations to bring a high standard of art and design to underdeveloped rural areas of Eastern Anatolia. This project is a very inspiring example of how to bridge the gap between a centre and periphery, helping the local population to remain culturally and economically rooted in their territory.”

The Bildmuseet in Umeå is, in its form and content, “a very different example of rooting a population in the periphery of the Swedish North and provides an excellent model of how to use a very dynamic artistic exchange with other parts of Europe to raise contemporary existential, philosophical and political debates”.

The Zanis Lipke Memorial in Riga is “a beautiful small museum which carries a very powerful human rights message and tells the captivating story of Zanis Lipke and his family, ordinary Latvians of non-Jewish origin, who saved over 50 Jews from the Riga Ghetto during the Second World War. It is a unique museum about the holocaust, which is seen not from the perspective of a victim and has a happy end. The story is local but carries a universal message of individual courage, citizenship and solidarity.”