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The President welcomes Ireland's 'firm commitment' to the Organisation's project

At the end of his visit to Ireland, one of the founder countries of the Council of Europe,  PACE President Jean-Claude Mignon thanked the authorities for their firm commitment to the pan-European project promoted by the Organisation.

"The Council of Europe’s role is to support all member states without exception in implementing our standards by engaging in dialogue with them and providing expert assistance. Ireland’s extensive experience and support are extremely valuable. I am convinced that, through dialogue, we can help all our member states to derive maximum benefit from the Council of Europe’s instruments”, he said.

"I also welcome our agreement on the need to ensure synergies between the EU and the Council of Europe in the field of human rights and the rule of law. The report by Michael McNamara offers a sound basis for moving forward in that direction and we will shortly be resuming these discussions in the context of the Conference of Presidents of the EP”, he added.

Discussion also focused on the future of the European Court of Human Rights and the reform of the Council of Europe’s monitoring procedures. Jean-Claude Mignon stressed that “Ireland’s experience of implementing the judgments of the Court is particularly useful”.

The President also emphasised the need to strengthen ties with national parliaments in order to spread the Council of Europe’s acquis and facilitate implementation of its standards.