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National parliaments and the fight against corruption

In the first seminar on this issue, organised on 2 December 2013 in Belgrade in co-operation with the PACE Committee on Rules of Procedure, at the invitation of the Serbian Parliament, parliamentarians from Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” discussed the strengthening of the legal and institutional capacity of parliamentarians to counter corruption in their own ranks, by sharing the experiences of their respective national parliaments.

This seminar was attended by Nebojša Stefanović, Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly, Nataša Vučković, Chairperson of the PACE Committee on Rules of Procedure, and by several experts and parliamentarians, including Senator Chiuariu, Chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Romanian Senate, Rene Rouquet, French parliamentarian and PACE Vice-President, and Michele Nicoletti, Italian parliamentarian and member of the PACE Legal Affairs Committee.