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Greater efforts needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals

The Assembly has called on member States to step up their efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015, the target date set by the United Nations at their summit in September 2000.

The parliamentarians consider that, to make progress in implementing the MDGs, Europe can contribute added value by striving to reduce global and regional inequalities, setting good examples as regards good governance and the fight against corruption and guaranteeing equal opportunities and rights to women and young people.

The resolution adopted today on the basis of a report by Alan Meale (United Kingdom, SOC) points out that, despite progress made under the MDG framework since 2000, such as access to drinking water, a decrease in mortality rates from certain diseases and an improvement in the living conditions of over 200 million people, many problems remain.

According to the resolution, it is therefore essential that the Council of Europe is fully involved in this global process, until 2015 and beyond, in order to ensure that the "pan-European voice is heard worldwide".