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Schools should be the place where young people learn to live in harmony

“Schools should be the place where young people learn to live in harmony,” the Culture Committee said today. The draft resolution, adopted on the basis of the report by Paolo Corsini (Italy, SOC), underlines the fact that the public authorities are responsible for securing “the right to education of adequate quality”. And even though budgetary restrictions resulting from the crisis considerably limit states’ margin for action, “it is vital that we invest in education”.

The committee also called for higher quality teaching, provided without discrimination, promoting gender equality in and through education and countering homophobia. This presupposes a revision of teaching materials and methods to promote non-discriminatory language and non-sexist teaching and to place greater emphasis on equality and non-violence, the parliamentarians concluded.

Lastly, the committee believed that it was essential to analyse the relevance and impact of national and international quality assessment instruments in the field of education, to identify ways of reinforcing co-operation between the Council of Europe member states and of increasing the competitiveness of European education at global level.