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Andorran parliamentarians have highest participation rates in 2013 plenary sessions

Strasbourg, 12.03.2014 – The Parliamentarians from Andorra had the highest participation rates in the plenary debates of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in 2013, ahead of the members from Switzerland and Luxembourg.

According to the statistics in an annual study carried out by the Bureau of the Assembly, seven delegations had very high participation rates (over 80 per cent) in the plenary sessions. These were Andorra (90.28 per cent), Switzerland (88.43 per cent), Luxembourg (87.04 per cent), Sweden (85.65 per cent), Norway (83.33 per cent), Estonia (81.48 per cent) and Finland (80.56 per cent).

Ten delegations had a participation rate of 50 per cent or above in voting: top of the list were three of the four delegations which also had the highest rates in 2010 and 2011 – namely Sweden (which with 6 seats had the highest percentage – 91.43 cent), Norway (five seats and 80.65 per cent) and Switzerland (six seats and 76.05 per cent), joined this year by Andorra (two seats and 81.43 per cent).

An analysis of the statistics since 2008 shows that certain delegations have made a real effort to improve significantly their participation in the Assembly sessions and in voting, the study said.

The Assembly, which brings together 318 parliamentarians from the 47 Council of Europe member states, adopted 83 texts in 2013, a substantial increase compared with the 74 texts adopted in 2012. Members also voted on many individual amendments.