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Securing decent work for all

Given the erosion of labour rights, job insecurity and the lack of quality employment prospects, especially for young people, it is imperative that national strategies be drawn up to ensure decent work for everyone in conditions of equity, security and human dignity, stated the Social Affairs Committee meeting today in Paris.

A national minimum wage and social protection floors, in particular, are essential in order to provide just remuneration for work, says the report by Roel Deseyn (Belgium, EPP/CD), adopted by the committee. In this connection, member states must strengthen the implementation of the European Social Charter (ESC), particularly its provisions concerning freedom of association and collective bargaining, fair remuneration and social cover.

The committee also believes that no concessions must be made on occupational safety levels and calls for regular labour inspections to tackle abuses in working conditions. It is also concerned about the resurgence of child labour in Europe – especially in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Turkey – and stresses the need for better enforcement of a ban on child work under the age of 15, as stipulated in the ESC.