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PACE anti-corruption platform: “Let us be intolerant for once”

“For once, we should be intolerant: intolerant of any attempt at corruption, intolerant of any form of wrongdoing and intolerant of the refusal to speak out, as that creates fertile conditions for this grave problem. We must not be silent witnesses. We must be beyond reproach” said Anne Brasseur, President of the PACE, at the launching of the new PACE anti-corruption platform’.

“We should not bury our heads in the sand: despite the efforts made by many parliaments to curb this problem, corruption still poses a real threat to democracy and the rule of law in Europe. As elected representatives we have greater responsibility than anyone else in this field and the fight against corruption must be one of the priorities of my presidency” she concluded.

The platform intends to establish a space for dialogue to make the fight against corruption more effective. It brings together the elected representatives of the parliaments of the Council of Europe’s 47 member states and of non-member states, as well as experts and other stakeholders, for the propose of sharing information, spreading good practice and discussing what can be done to tackle new forms of corruption.

Parliamentarians will be engaged in a twin-action process: on one hand, they will act as responsible guardians in their national parliament; on the other, they will be pressing for speedy action to promote Council of Europe instruments and standards, and to implement the recommendations of GRECO, the Council of Europe's anti-corruption body.

The Platform’s first meeting concerned investigative journalism and the role of national parliaments in combating corruption.