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How to achieve ‘more and better jobs’ in Europe

PACE has discussed a series of steps for ensuring “decent work for all” in Europe. Approving a resolution based on a report by Roel Deseyn (Belgium, EPP/CD), the Assembly called for:

  • solidarity between richer and poorer states to “root human rights and decent work strategies more explicitly in the multilateral trade system” and in the new framework replacing MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) after 2015
  • “no concessions” when it comes to respecting health and safety laws in the workplace and enforcing effectively a ban on child labour across Europe
  • a national living wage and social protection floors that correspond to domestic needs – as well as eliminating the ‘pay gap’ between women and men
  • doing more to promote ethics and social responsibility in business
  • a wider take-up of the Council of Europe’s Social Charter – and greater efforts to ensure it is applied consistently alongside the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights