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PACE to launch "No Hate Parliamentary Alliance"

"Hate speech - promoting violence upon persons or groups on the basis of e.g. race, religion, gender, disability, political views, or sexual orientation - is proliferating quickly across the European continent," the PACE Committee on Equality warned today and decided to launch a "No Hate Parliamentary Alliance" at its October session in Strasbourg. By joining the Alliance, parliamentarians commit to taking open, firm and pro-active stands against racism, hatred and intolerance, to promote non-discrimination, conduct campaign activities and exchange information on law and best practice in these fields.

PACE President Anne Brasseur underlining the crucial role played by politicians in combating hate speech, stressed the urgent need for concrete action against hate speech at times of economic and financial crisis as "they offer fertile grounds for a climate that distills hate".

The PACE President finally called on all democtatic parties to unite in a common fight against racism and intolerance.