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“The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”: elections conducted efficiently but marred by irregularities

According to PACE, the presidential election (13 and 27 April) and the early parliamentary elections (27 April) in “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” were conducted efficiently and in accordance with national legislation. However, the report prepared by Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC), approved today by the Assembly, draws attention to irregularities observed in the voting process (cases of organised voting) and also to irregularities of a "technical nature", particularly upon the opening of the polling stations and during counting.

The Assembly also regrets that there was no proper separation of party and State resources concerning the main ruling party and that the election process did not help reduce the tensions existing between and within ethnic communities. With a view to furthering democratic consolidation within the country, PACE has proposed its assistance to improve the electoral framework, with the support of the Venice Commission.