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Bold reforms needed in Morocco to show tangible progress towards democracy

"Morocco represents a unique model of transition towards democracy and is an example for the whole region", said Bogdan Klich (Poland, EPP/CD) at the end of a four-day visit to Rabat, Fez and Tanger. "Bold reforms and difficult decisions are required to fully implement the democratic potential of the 2011 Constitution, in particular with regard to equality between women and men, the abolition of the death penalty and the independence and efficiency of the judiciary, and the Council of Europe can mobilise its expertise in those areas", he added.

Noting that the Parliament is becoming stronger in Morocco's institutional landscape, Mr Klich encouraged both Chambers to play a more active role in pushing for important reforms and to show solid progress in terms of democracy, the rule of law and the protection of human rights in Morocco.

The goal of Mr Klich's first visit as Rapporteur was not only to hear about the progress made by Morocco since the 2013 evaluation of the partnership for democracy in respect of the Parliament of Morocco, but also to better understand the country's regional, cultural and religious background, with a view to presenting a final report in 2015.