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New measures to ensure compliance with obligations by all member states

Adopting a report by Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC), the PACE Monitoring Committee today unanimously proposed to introduce a periodic overview of groups of the currently 33 member states which are not subject to a monitoring or post-monitoring procedure on the basis of an issue-based, cross-country monitoring with a view to ensuring compliance with their obligations by all Council of Europe member states.

It also proposed that the post-monitoring procedure should no longer remain "open-ended". In the future, reports by two co-rapporteurs, will include concrete deadlines for the fulfilment of outstanding commitments. The failure to meet those deadlines, if so stated in the following report that is adopted by the Assembly within the statutory deadline of three years, would imply the return to the full monitoring procedure.

In order to introduce a more rigorous and homogeneous assessment of the countries under monitoring, the Committee decided to establish guidelines for considering closing or opening a specific monitoring procedure. Stressing that its activities were part of PACE's core business, the Committee decided to increase the number of missions carried out by its members with a view to reinforce its impact. The report is due to be adopted by PACE at its October session.