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Anne Brasseur welcomes the Romanian authorities’ commitment to the European project

At the end of her official three-day visit to Romania, Anne Brasseur, President of PACE, welcomed the Romanian authorities’ firm commitment to the European project. “In view of the rise in populist movements and Euroscepticism in our member States, efforts to counter hate speech and exclusion are main priorities for all of us. Our Romanian partners fully share this objectives,” she said.

“There is no doubt about Romania’s commitment to the values and standards that we share. In this context, I would particularly like to pay tribute to the role played by the Romanian Parliament, which has set up a sub-committee of the Legal Affairs Committee to monitor the enforcement, at domestic level, of the judgments handed down by the Strasbourg Court. Numerous parliaments in our member states could draw on this example of good practice in setting up national mechanisms of parliamentary supervision.”

She also found Romania’s approach to preparing for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention exemplary. “I trust that the work of the interministerial working group set up to study Romanian legislation’s conformity with the Convention will soon be completed so that the Parliament will be able to ratify this important legal instrument,” she added.

The President of the PACE also welcomed the Romanian authorities’ support for the Council of Europe’s action in the fight against cybercrime. “The Council of Europe programme office is an excellent instrument for promoting our work in this field at international level”, she said.

Anne Brasseur said the authorities were giving priority to reforms to counter corruption and prevent exclusion, to integrate the Roma and improve the functioning of the judiciary and she welcomed the progress made in these fields. “Nevertheless, a great deal remains to be done - the application of our standards is a daily task for all of us. Strong democracy needs strong institutions, and I encourage the authorities to continue implementing the reforms already underway so as to strengthen the Parliament’s role as a legislative body and an arena for political debate, to fight corruption and to improve the functioning of justice. Our monitoring bodies and experts, in particular the Venice Commission, are always on hand to assist you”, she said.

During her visit to Craiova, she noted that the representatives of local and regional authorities were very committed to ensuring the welfare of their communities and the economic development of the surrounding area. She firmly believed that the good practices developed in Romania, offered examples for numerous local and regional authorities in countries in the region, she pointed out.

With regard to foreign policy, Romania was a pillar of stability in the region. In the face of the serious crisis in Ukraine, she welcomed the authorities’ and all the political leaders’ firm and unanimous commitment to supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country. In this context, she thanked the Romanian authorities’ for their contribution to the funding of the plan for priority co-operation measures for Ukraine. “Our discussions also concerned the situation in the Republic of Moldova, where we must all help the authorities to put in place the necessary reforms and try to resolve the conflict in Transnistria,” she added.

“Our Romanian colleagues’ commitment to our values and standards, and their active participation in the Assembly‘s work, helps to enhance our action,” concluded Ms Brasseur, expressing the Assembly’s warmest gratitude to the Romanian delegation.