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The status of women in the Southern Mediterranean countries: mixed results

Three years after the start of the Arab Spring, the Equality Committee, meeting in Paris, has drawn mixed conclusions about the situation of women in the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean: while Tunisia and Morocco have adopted advanced standards in the field of women’s rights, Libya and Egypt are still mired in instability and have shown little commitment to promoting such rights; nor has Algeria made sufficient progress in this area.

In adopting the report by Fatiha Saïdi (Belgium, SOC), which examines the changes in the status of women in the region, the committee advises these countries to adopt a number of measures to improve this status. It urges them in particular to implement the principle of equality enshrined in their constitutions, applying it especially to family and inheritance law, to promote the participation of women in public and political life and to combat violence against women. 

The text also recommends that civil society should be involved in framing policies likely to improve women’s status and that interparliamentary co-operation with the Council of Europe should be strengthened through the “Partner for democracy” status and co-operation under the South Programme.

Ms Saïdi’s report will be debated in Strasbourg on Tuesday 30 September during the next plenary PACE session (29 September – 3 October 2014).