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Elections in Turkey: efficient organisation but a lack of fairness in the electoral process

According to PACE, the presidential election in Turkey was “organised in a professional and efficient manner and for the most part election procedures were followed”. The possibility of campaigning in languages other than Turkish, including Kurdish, and the possibility offered for the first time to Turkish citizens residing abroad to vote outside their country constitute progress.

However, the report prepared by Meritxell Mateu Pi (Andorra, ALDE), approved today by the Assembly, points out that some shortcomings were observed, particularly unbalanced media coverage, misuse of administrative resources and inadequate provisions concerning campaign funding. The parliamentarians regret that the Prime Minister, using his official position, benefited from “disproportionate access to resources and media coverage”.

The PACE therefore invited the Turkish authorities to make improvements in order to create a level playing field for elections, and to do so before the forthcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for 2015.