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50 years of the European Pharmacopeia: a success story

Speaking at a conference to mark the 50th anniversary of European Pharmacopoeia (EDQM), PACE President Anne Brasseur called it a Council of Europe “success story”. “The positive impact of the European Pharmacopeia on public health activities across Europe is undeniable, as it sets quality standards for safe medicines and their safe use,” she said.

The PACE President stressed that the counterfeiting of medicines had recently grown into an industry that killed hundreds of thousands of people a year whilst generating huge profits for counterfeiters. “Europe is not spared from this phenomenon and there is a need for committed political and legislative action in all Council of Europe member states, and beyond, to tackle this,” she said.

Regretting in this context that the Medicrime Convention, which had been initiated by the Parliamentary Assembly to combat the counterfeiting of medicines, had only been ratified so far by four member States, Ms Brasseur reminded participants that it was important to make lawmakers aware of the challenges in the field of medicines as the ratification of the convention was in their hands.