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Parliamentary elections in Ukraine: an important step in consolidating democracy

The PACE Standing Committee, meeting in Brussels, considers that the early parliamentary elections in Ukraine, held on 26 October, mark “an important step in consolidating democratic elections in line with international commitments”.

The report, drafted by Christopher Chope (United Kingdom, EC) and approved today by PACE, highlights numerous positive aspects, including an impartial and effective Central Election Commission, competitive lists offering voters a real choice and general respect for fundamental freedoms. The parliamentarians also welcomed the efforts of the electoral authorities to facilitate the participation of electors from eastern parts of Ukraine.

However, the report notes “numerous cases of irregularities during the election campaign, including cases of intimidation and violence against candidates or their representatives”, adding that such cases were “under investigation”. The Assembly strongly condemned any violence and called on the Ukrainian authorities to investigate all cases thoroughly.

PACE will continue its close co-operation with the newly elected Ukrainian parliament by means of its monitoring procedure, and with the Venice Commission, in order to further consolidate the whole electoral process – in particular through the adoption of a unified electoral code and reform of the electoral system.