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PACE rapporteur on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine to visit Moscow and Rostov-on-Don

Jim Sheridan (United Kingdom, SOC), rapporteur for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on “the humanitarian situation of Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons” will be visiting Moscow and Rostov-on-Don on 8-9 December 2014, in the context of the preparation of his report.

Russia has received large numbers of persons fleeing the conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to the UNHCR on 1 December, over 228,000 persons had sought asylum in Russia from Ukraine, with over 215,000 more staying in Russia on some other basis. The International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) reports that the greatest number of displaced persons is in Rostov (almost 49,000), and that over 272,000 people have applied to the local authorities and the Russian Red Cross for possible relief assistance – most are in need of such basic items as warm clothes and shoes, blankets, and hygiene and sanitary items.

In Moscow, the rapporteur will meet members of the Russian delegation to PACE, representatives of the Federal Migration Service, local representatives of relevant international organisations and representatives of NGOs.

In Rostov, he will meet representatives of local government and visit a refugee temporary accommodation centre.

Mr Sheridan will present an addendum to his report to the Migration Committee when it meets during the Assembly’s January 2015 session. This addendum will provide information on this visit to the Russian Federation, as well as on his earlier visit to Ukraine (17-18 November 2014).