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Call for greater transparency from European institutions imposing austerity

PACE has expressed concern at “the impact on social and economic rights” of austerity measures imposed on certain eurozone states by the European Commission and the European Central Bank – and called for greater transparency from the EU in such decisions on financial assistance.

Approving a report by Michael McNamara (Ireland, SOC) today in Paris on “European institutions and human rights in Europe”, PACE’s Standing Committee called on the EU and its member states to “assess the social impact” of imposed austerity measures, and to “ensure transparency and democratic and judicial control” of these decisions.

It called on the EU to “explore, in a regular and structured way, possible synergies with the Council of Europe” and to make use of the expertise of Council bodies, including in its external policies.

The committee also stressed the need for negotiations on EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights to resume “without delay” to overcome the obstacles recently identified by the EU’s Court of Justice, in line with the political commitments made by all sides.