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Towards a new European Social Model

"Economic growth should not be the only recipe towards more equality and well-being for all" said Maria de Belém Roseira (Portugal, SOC) today, pointing out that a new shared vision of the European social model can only be a collective one and will have to be the result of a negotiation process between different socio-economic stakeholders, including political parties, public authorities, the social partners and civil society.

"Europe should be in the front line of those marching ahead, not only in reforming and sharpening its socio-economic policies but also when it comes to proposing alternative and more sustainable societal values" she stated at a hearing held by the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development, with a view to preparing her report entitled "Towards a new European social model".

The rapporteur considers that a model of this kind should first and foremost uphold humanist values, like social solidarity, social inclusion and social cohesion, through equal access to public services, including education and health care, with a view to reducing inequalities on various levels in the medium term. Lastly, she stressed the need to regard employment, especially youth employment, as a crucial issue, since it is not only a source of personal income but fosters social inclusion and cohesion across society as a whole.