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European leaders must take up their responsibilities towards refugees

“According to UN officials, the war in Syria has unleashed the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Turkey, a neighbouring country, hosts two millions Syrians,” today said Reha Denemeç (Turkey, EC) when opening PACE’s current affairs debate on “The need for a common European response to migration challenges”.

“Here in the Council of Europe we stand for the protection of human rights,” Mr Denemeç declared. “I invite all the members of this Assembly to call on European leaders urging them to take up their responsibilities towards refugees. They should show more solidarity in receiving refugees on their soil and supporting those countries which bear most of the burden,” he added.

“Increased co-operation between the member States of the Council of Europe is a viable solution to this challenge. Burden-sharing is not only a legal but also a humanitarian obligation,” Mr Denemeç said.