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New socio-economic, educational and fiscal policies for a new European Social Model

The Assembly today called on European governments for new socio-economic, educational and fiscal policies, combined with a targeted budget allocation to social protection systems, to safeguard the benefits of the European Social Model to future generations.

Adopting unanimously a resolution based on the report prepared by Maria de Belém Roseira (Portugal, SOC), the parliamentarians deplored notably the continuous downgrading of employment and working conditions, young people’s difficulties in accessing the labour market, the weakening of collective bargaining procedures and agreements.

“To be meaningful in the future, the adopted text underlines, the European Social Model should not only counterbalance market dysfunctions and insufficiencies, but also promote new approaches to education and training, social and economic participation, investment in sustainable economic activities, new forms of public services delivery using new technologies and taking into account changes in family structures and lifestyles.”