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PACE President reacts to the refugee tragedy in Austria

“I am deeply shocked by the refugee tragedy in Austria – this horror must stop!” said Anne Brasseur, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). “It is appalling and intolerable to see that refugees and asylum seekers who have managed to escape war and conflict have lost their lives, in such inhumane conditions, due to the criminal activities of traffickers. I am appalled and ashamed.”

She added: “Instead of closing borders and building ‘fences’, we must step up efforts to provide shelter and support to all those who require international protection. This is our shared duty and an international responsibility.”

“Everyone must participate and it is our role as parliamentarians to go into the field, meet the people, show solidarity, raise awareness, and suggest solutions. I call on all members of the Assembly, and in particular, the Chairpersons of national delegations, to take the lead and show by example.”