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Re-energise democracy at grassroots level

The Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media today unanimously adopted a report on “Promoting city-to-city co-operation in the field of culture”, prepared by Alexander [Earl of] Dundee (United Kingdom, EC), saying that it was necessary to re-energise democracy at grassroots level.

“The more cities or different centres have direct trade and financial dealings with one another the more likely it is that both culture and the quality of life will be advantaged in each place as a result.”

“Working synergies between cities address those aims and produce valuable results, assisting culture, education, apprenticeship and employment.”

While advising “governments and institutions not to prescribe and interfere” as that would stifle and undermine the creative energies of cities, the Committee said that if it proved necessary, they could provide guidance, in particular to ensure that activities did not come to a standstill.

The report also drew attention to the good practices and recommendations which had already borne fruit in the context of the Council of Europe’s “Intercultural Cities” Programme and which would facilitate co-operation between cities and the development of their cultural heritage.