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PACE kicks off ‘periodic reviews’ of non-monitored states with reports on Andorra, Belgium, Croatia and Cyprus

The Assembly has begun a series of “periodic reviews” which will assess how far Council of Europe member States are fulfilling their obligation to uphold the Organisation’s human rights and democratic standards – beginning with reports on Andorra, Belgium, Croatia and Cyprus.

Over the next four years, 34 of the Council’s 47 member States will face the review procedure, which draws together information from the Council of Europe’s various monitoring bodies. The remaining 13 member States are already subject to either a full monitoring procedure or “post-monitoring dialogue”, which involves more frequent assessments in greater depth.

The four reports were included in the Assembly’s annual report on the progress of its monitoring procedure, by Stefan Schennach (Austria, SOC), which also listed a series of “shortcomings” in countries under monitoring or engaged in post-monitoring dialogue.