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Andorra ‘honouring its Council of Europe obligations overall’

Andorra is honouring its obligations to the Council of Europe overall, and has made “important reforms” in recent years in particular to increase economic and fiscal transparency, but should do more to guarantee the independence of the media against “financial, political and religious interests”, according to an evaluation from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

As part of a “periodic review”, carried out on groups of countries every four years and drawing on information from various monitoring mechanisms, the Assembly was assessing how far Andorra complies with its statutory obligations as a member of the 47-nation human rights watchdog.(*)

In its resolution, the Assembly welcomed the development of an effective policy to integrate non-Andorrans into Andorran society, but recommended further reforms such as granting resident non-citizens voting rights in local elections.

The parliamentarians also encouraged the authorities to sign up to Council of Europe conventions or protocols protecting nationality and social rights. Periodic review report on Andorra
(*) The procedure currently applies to 34 of the Council’s 47 member states, the remaining 13 being subject to either a full monitoring procedure or “post-monitoring dialogue”.