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Croatia ‘globally honouring’ its Council of Europe obligations

Croatia can be considered as “globally honouring” its obligations to the Council of Europe, and has carried out comprehensive reforms to create stronger democratic institutions, but “challenges still remain” over post-war justice and reconciliation, according to an evaluation from the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

As part of a “periodic review” carried out on groups of countries every four years and drawing on information from various monitoring mechanisms, the Assembly was assessing how far Croatia complies with its statutory obligations as a member of the 47-nation human rights watchdog.(*)

In its resolution, the Assembly urged the Croatian authorities to conduct “effective investigations into the killing and disappearance of civilians during the war” and to ensure reparations for all civilian war victims.

The parliamentarians also expected Croatia to do more to promote the rights of national minorities, especially the rights of the Serb and Roma minorities, which they said “face specific discrimination”.

The Assembly urged the authorities to step up the fight against corruption, and to ratify Council of Europe treaties on combating domestic violence and on protecting social rights, among others.

(*) The procedure currently applies to 34 of the Council’s 47 member states, the remaining 13 being subject to either a full monitoring procedure or “post-monitoring dialogue”.