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Albania: call for the continuation of reforms

The co-rapporteurs for Albania welcomed the expressed political determination of the majority and the opposition to continue to continue their mutual co-operation to fully implement the December 2014 agreement, which was “of crucial importance for the political stability of the country."

In an information note presented to the Monitoring Committee, Jonathan Evans (United Kingdom, EC) and Andrej Hunko (Germany, UEL) called on political parties to co-operate in resolving the serious shortcomings in the electoral process noted by international observers at the local elections in June 2015.

They underlined the importance of implementing the recent territorial administrative reform and of continuing the justice reform while ensuring that the independence of the judiciary was respected. "We welcome the emphasis given by the government to the fight against corruption and organised crime, but stress that that concrete results in terms of prosecutions and convictions need to be achieved", said the co-rapporteurs, pointing out that there could not be any impunity for corruption.