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Tsetska Tsacheva: ‘Unity makes strength’

“We joined our voice of solidarity the moment we learned of the terror attacks and of the tragedy that befell Paris and its citizens,” said Tsetska Tsacheva, President of the Bulgarian National Assembly, speaking today at the opening of the PACE Standing Committee meeting in Sofia.

“There isn’t, and hardly can be, any justification for such hideous attacks on innocent lives. It is my firm conviction that this brutal crime will double the energy of institutions, civil society and the global democratic community in stepping up the uncompromising war on terrorism,” she added.

The Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly, she said, “must be at the forefront of consolidating the international community's efforts aimed at eliminating this threat to civilization”.

“The slogan of Bulgaria’s founding fathers, ‘Unity makes strength’, has become the motto of the Council of Europe for the term of its Bulgarian Chairmanship. Today this dictum is more valid than ever!”, Ms Tsacheva concluded.