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Elections in Kyrgyzstan were competitive and offered voters a wide choice

The parliamentary elections of 4 October 2015 in Kyrgyzstan were competitive and offered voters a wide choice; voters were able to choose freely from among a large number of candidates. Voting was also transparent.

The report by PACE's observer delegation, drawn up by its head Meritxell Mateu Pi (Andorra, ALDE) and discussed today by the Assembly's Standing Committee, stresses that the election campaign was conducted in a calm and peaceful manner without any of the tensions and violence seen in previous elections. In this connection, it underlines the maturity and sense of responsibility shown by the main political players involved in the elections.

The report refers to a number of irregularities during the election campaign, in particular the misuse of administrative resources by candidates and allegations of bribing of voters, and calls on the competent Kyrgyz authorities and political leaders to exclude such practices from the electoral process in future because they undermine voter confidence in the elections and the democratic values they embody.

The report says that the Assembly should continue its close co-operation with the newly-elected Kyrgyz Parliament via its Partner for Democracy status, and with the Venice Commission, in order to resolve the problems noted.