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Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister meets with PACE President

The Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, José Manuel García-Margallo, yesterday met with PACE President Pedro Agramunt. The minister expressed his interest in some of the main projects that the new President intends to implement during his mandate, specifically interaction with national parliaments, democratic protection and stepping up security in Europe.

President Agramunt presented to the Foreign Minister the priorities for his term in office and asked for the Minister's support to strengthen ties between Spain and PACE.

The Minister reaffirmed his personal commitment to maintaining an effective and harmonious relationship with the Council of Europe and supported the ideas that have been put forward to commemorate, in co-operation with PACE, the 40th anniversary of Spain joining to the Council of Europe in 2017.

José Manuel García-Margallo recalled Spain’s full commitment to the values and principles that inspire and govern the Council of Europe, such as the defence of human rights, democracy and the prevalence of the rule of law. He also conveyed to the new Assembly President Spain’s decisive support for the major challenges facing the Council of Europe at this time in the fight against terrorism, handling the migration crisis, countering xenophobia and tackling organised crime.

On the issue of the promotion and protection of human rights, the minister commented on Spain’s intention to continue with efforts to oversee the protection of human rights at all levels, in particular in the system of the European Convention on Human Rights.