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PACE committee calls on FIFA President to make reform package 'a game-changer'

Congratulating the new FIFA President Gianni Infantino on his recent election, the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media, meeting in Paris today, said it was confident that Mr Infantino would do his utmost to implement the FIFA reform package as approved by the Congress in February 2016 and make it "a game-changer".

The committee also welcomed today's presentation by the Chairman of the 2016 FIFA Reform Committee François Carrard, who underlined that "FIFA is on the starting-block of the reform process, and it is moving towards its renewal".

Referring to its resolution on the reform of football governance, the committee recalled the importance of enhancing ethical standards, transparency and accountability in football governance. It particularly welcomed the proposed reform of the FIFA leadership, measures aimed at improved governance and the promotion of women in football, as well as at the increased oversight of financial flows.

It agreed with Mr Carrard that the strong support for the reform package by FIFA's Congress laid the grounds for a long-awaited overhaul of the world body, underlining that a change of culture from the top down to the roots was a "sine qua non" for any reform.