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Committee calls for the immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko and people captured during conflict in Ukraine

On the day of verdict by the Russian court on the case of Nadiya Savchenko, the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons adopted a draft resolution on the humanitarian concerns as regards the captured people in Ukraine, in which it asked the Russian Federation to immediately release Ms Savchenko and other illegally detained Ukrainian prisoners and allow their return to Ukraine.

“It is very important that all sides reinforce their commitments to the Minsk agreement, especially the paragraph on the release of all captured persons and the exchange of prisoners,” recommended the committee.

“Some of them have been released, but many of those who are still captive are allegedly being held in inhumane conditions and are allegedly subject to torture, humiliation and forced labour,” warned the committee. The draft resolution adopted by the committee, based on the report by Nellija Kleinberga (Latvia, ALDE), states that, according to the Security Service of Ukraine, 3 003 captured persons have been released since April 2014, but 136 persons are still being held captive by the separatists, and 692 are still reported as missing.

The committee also called on the Ukrainian authorities to settle the issue of medical, legal, financial and social assistance to the people liberated from captivity, in particular civilians. For those people who are still in captivity, the State should provide financial assistance to their families, concluded the committee.