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Culture, an asset for stronger democracy

Firmly believing that participation in cultural life is a fundamental human right and contributes to the democratic process, PACE called on member States to facilitate access to culture by women, youth, minorities, migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. States should secure sustainable funding for cultural policies, and culture should be mainstreamed in other policy areas, such as employment, social services and welfare, health, prisons and prisoner rehabilitation schemes, said members of the Assembly.

Adopting a resolution on the basis of a report by Vesna Marjanović (Serbia, SOC), the Assembly called on states to foster partnerships between the cultural sectors and the education system, and to invest in the cultural infrastructure of cities, especially in disadvantaged urban areas. The adopted text also advocates a strengthening of the role of local authorities in implementing cultural policies in order to bring decision-making processes regarding culture as close as possible to citizens.

Finally, PACE suggested that one of the forthcoming World Forums for Democracy be devoted to “culture and democracy”.