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Diaspora communities must be involved in the framing of integration policies

PACE has called on member States to do more to involve diaspora associations in the framing of policies concerning the integration process. The parliamentarians believe that educational and cultural networks of communities living abroad play a key role in strengthening the spirit of “living together”, in providing support and mutual assistance, and as mediators with the public authorities.

In adopting a resolution, on the basis of the report by Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ (France, SOC), the Assembly recommended that national platforms be set up to allow the different ministries and specialised institutions to work transversally on integration issues, through permanent dialogue with organisations that reflect the opinions of different diaspora communities.

Governments should provide adequate financial support to diaspora associations to help them professionalise their activities and consolidate their networks.

Finally, PACE advocates the setting up of a European parliamentary network on diaspora policies and the establishment of a European platform to collect data and assess the impact of diaspora communities on European societies