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President after Nice attack: ‘we stand by France and the French people’

“I strongly condemn the attack in Nice on Bastille Day. It is an attack on France – one of our member States – and an attack on Europe, our symbols and the values that unite us,” said PACE President Pedro Agramunt.

Terrorism knows no borders. An attack against one of our member States is an attack against all of us. We stand by France and the French people. On behalf of the Assembly, I express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims, the authorities and the people of France.

As politicians and members of the Assembly, we have to take responsibility for the 820 million Europeans we represent. At such terrible moments we must firmly condemn terrorism and express solidarity with the people and the member States affected.

We must stay strong, we should not give in to fear. Because terror only works when we let our fear and anger dictate what happens next. The values that form the foundations of our societies – democracy, human rights, tolerance and respect – are stronger than the fear, hate and division that the terrorists want to instill.

We should continue to combat terrorism without fear and hate so as to defend our common European heritage and the universal values that unite us. This is the main message of our hashtag initiative #NoHateNoFear.”