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Lviv meeting: helping states to meet their climate change pledges

At a meeting of the Sub-Committee on Environment and Energy in Lviv (Ukraine), Serhiy Kiral (Ukraine, EC) and Lord Prescott (United Kingdom, SOC) called on the Council of Europe to take an over-arching leadership role in reinforcing the implementation of the Paris climate change agreement, and to help ensure that countries set comprehensive goals at a national level, disaggregated into regional and municipal targets.

Participants explored ways of translating the wide strategic view on the implementation of the Paris agreement into an effective action plan and agreed that a consistent system of measuring progress should be put in place with a view to sharing good practices and intensifying co-operation between countries.

Following a visit to Grybovychi landfill, the fourth largest waste disposal site in Europe, the sub-committee held an exchange of views on waste management policies, and stressed the urgent need to take steps towards a so-called circular economy. “Waste is the major international emergency,” said Alexei Atudorei, Board Member of the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), underlining the need to identify policies and governance strategies for sound waste management.