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Put a halt to hate speech and sexist attacks, provide education on democratic citizenship from an early age

"One woman in three suffers from physical or psychological violence in their lifetime. For this reason, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we reiterate our call on all member States of the Council of Europe to sign and ratify the Istanbul Convention", stated Elena Centemero (Italy, EPP/CD), Chairperson of the Committee on Equality and Non Discrimination of the Parliamentary Assembly, in Nicosia.

"Our Committee, along with the Parliamentary Network Women Free from Violence and the No Hate Parliamentary Alliance, is working to counter violence and hate speech rooted in sexism. Winning the fight on violence is only possible with a consistent, collective commitment – we should never let our guard down,” Ms Centemero continued.

“Promoting democratic citizenship education is an integral part of the strategy to combat violence against women. Indeed, overcoming gender stereotypes and promoting equality between women and men, as well as respect in interpersonal relationships, requires providing education on gender equality from an early age. If awareness of equality is lacking, any measure we may take is compromised”, she concluded.