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PACE lists urgent steps to end the ‘deteriorating’ humanitarian situation in Gaza

PACE has called on all sides to take urgent steps to alleviate the humanitarian plight of the population of the Gaza Strip, which it described as having “worsened significantly” since the 2014 Israeli military operation there.

Approving a report by Eva-Lena Jansson (Sweden, SOC), the Assembly said respect for the ceasefire should be “the main precondition” for the normalisation of the lives of the people in Gaza, but also called on the Israeli authorities to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip.

It called for a new international conference on the reconstruction of Gaza, that would also help to create the security conditions necessary for the free movement of people and goods.

The Assembly encouraged both Israel and the Palestinian National Authority to start negotiations towards a negotiated, two-State solution to the conflict as the only way to create the necessary framework for resolving the humanitarian situation in Gaza.