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Migration crisis: ways to improve the funding of emergency situations

“It is the political and moral responsibility of all European countries to contribute financially to dealing with the current refugee and migrant crisis, in line with the means at their disposal,” said the Committee on Migration, meeting in Baku today. “They must also do their utmost to allocate funds where needs are greatest, keeping administrative costs and structural obstacles to a minimum,” added the parliamentarians in adopting the report on this subject by Cezar Preda (Romania, EPP/CD).

The parliamentarians expressed their regret that the complex budgetary procedures, decision-making processes and slow implementation of European Union programmes on the ground make it difficult to put the necessary infrastructure in place and provide assistance in a timely manner.

The committee also highlighted the fact that none of the humanitarian action, financial burden-sharing or management of movements of people seeking asylum can be achieved without large financial appropriations from governments in the countries of origin or without donations from states having the financial means and from international organisations, NGOs and private enterprise.

The adopted text will be debated at the next PACE part-session (24-28 April 2017).