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Poland and Hungary encouraged to implement Strasbourg Court rulings

The Parliamentary Assembly rapporteur on implementation of the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, Pierre-Yves Le Borgn’ (France, SOC), has just completed his fact-finding visits to Warsaw (21-22 March) and Budapest (22-23 March).

“Tangible progress has been made in Poland in recent years in terms of resolving certain structural problems, in particular the excessive length of judicial proceedings. I urge the authorities to continue their efforts here and also to do their utmost to implement the Al Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah judgments (concerning the “secret rendition” operations conducted by the United States on Polish territory)”, said the rapporteur.

“In Hungary’s case, I urge the authorities to implement all the measures planned for dealing with the problems of prison overcrowding and the excessive length of judicial proceedings, as well as those aimed at ensuring better integration of Roma children in schools”.

During his visit, the rapporteur also underlined the importance of involving national parliaments, independently of the activities of the executive, in the process of implementing European Court of Human Rights Judgments.

In Warsaw, the rapporteur met judges from the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, members of the Sejm and the Senate, the Government Agent to the European Court of Human Rights and the Working Group on the European Court of Human Rights at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, officials from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic and the Deputy Ombudsman. In Budapest, he met the President and a number of judges of the Supreme Court (Curia), the Deputy Prosecutor General, the Director of the Prison Service, the State Secretaries in the Ministries of Justice and Human Capacities, and members of parliament.