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The Council of Europe must strengthen its action in the field of social rights

The PACE’s Standing Committee, meeting in Prague, considers that the Council of Europe cannot address its priority challenges such as responding to the populist threat, protecting the rights of migrants and refugees and combating terrorism “without working towards a genuinely social Europe”.

In adopting unanimously an opinion, based on the report by George Loucaides (Cyprus, UEL) concerning the budget and priorities of the Council of Europe for 2018-2019, PACE called for the programme of activities in the next biennial budget “to be reinforced at a social rights level” and to take into account certain sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The parliamentarians consider that the Organisation must also strengthen its intergovernmental co-operation and promote its treaties, especially in respect of the European Union which is Party to only 11 of the 54 conventions open to it. The adopted text concludes that in order to fully meet these challenges, member States must resume real growth in the Organisation’s budget.