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Steps to ensure dignity for older people

PACE has spelled out a series of steps to end “age discrimination” and counter the social isolation or exclusion of older people – and called on Europe’s governments to consider a legally-binding treaty to enforce them.

In a resolution adopted unanimously, based on a report by Lord Foulkes (United Kingdom, SOC), the Assembly’s Standing Committee said that – despite some recent progress – old people continued to suffer from widespread negative stereotypes. “Abuse of older persons remains a major problem and their access to good quality health care and long-term care, a challenge,” the parliamentarians said.

Older persons should have a minimum living income and appropriate housing to be able to live in dignity, PACE said. Member States should integrate health and social-care services, properly train health care professionals in geriatrics and provide help to informal carers. They should also do more to foster intergenerational ties and promote active ageing by developing “age-friendly environments”.