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Immigration is both instrumental for modernisation of societies and for Europe’s survival

European states should acknowledge that immigration into Europe is both instrumental for “renewed dynamic and modernisation of societies” and for Europe’s survival of the ‘demographic winter’ which the continent is entering, PACE Committee on migration declared.

According to the committee, the migrant and refugee crisis remains one of the main challenges facing European countries, which have so far failed to cooperate effectively in addressing its root causes. The crisis is in this sense more a political issue of migration management policy than of lack of resources or capacity.

In view of the “ever more urgent” need to find comprehensive humanitarian and political responses to the crisis, the parliamentarians adopted a draft resolution, based on the report prepared by Duarte Marques (Portugal, PPE/DC), which notably calls on European Union member states to implement rapidly the new Regulation on a common asylum procedure and to cooperate in maintaining and developing transnational information systems and databases on asylum applications and their results.

Council of Europe member states should respect the rights and dignity of all refugees and asylum-seekers ensure refugees and asylum seekers’ access to legal protection and assistance and their right to appeal and align as far as possible levels of protection and social and financial assistance having regard to the cost of living.

The Assembly will discuss the text at its next plenary session (Strasbourg, 26-30 June 2017).